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The National Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants ("NAVBA") was established on October 1, 2007. It is the first nationally-recognized professional organization in the United States dedicated to the education and development of the virtual bankruptcy assistant industry.  We also dedicate time to increasing awareness to bankruptcy attorneys of the benefits of employing highly skilled and trained virtual bankruptcy assistants.

The NAVBA was developed by Victoria Ring, the original developer of the virtual bankruptcy assistant field in 2001.  Therefore, the NAVBA is the only organization offering the VBA Certification Exam. This exam is used by law firms for employment pretesting of legal assistants and paralegals as well as virtual bankruptcy assistants looking for national recognition of their higher skill level.

What is a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant?

A virtual bankruptcy assistant ("VBA") works under the sole discretion of debtor bankruptcy attorneys; preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions. This process has been proven to dramatically reduce the overhead expenses for attorneys and by hiring VBAs to handle the bankruptcy petitions (without office interruptions) will vastly improve the quality of the bankruptcy petitions, resulting in a very smooth operation for the attorney, the bankruptcy court and more pleasant experience for the debtors.

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Certified Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants

Click on the names below, to visit the websites of virtual bankruptcy assistants who have successfully passed the VBA Exam with a top level score and are being highlighted. They were graded on their ability to demonstrate a high level of knowledge in preparing bankruptcy petitions as well as internet research skills and overall administrative skills. The NAVBA and recommend these virtual bankruptcy assistants to bankruptcy attorneys nationwide.

  Arlene Williams   Lauri DaPonte - 95%  Linda Rantz - 100%
  Amy Carlson - 96%
 Evie Jacobson - 96%  Clay Holland - 100%
 Evan Fuller - 100%  Shari Stocker - 96%
 Bobby Thomas - 96%
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NOTE: You do NOT have to be a certified VBA to be a member of the National Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants (NAVBA).

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