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Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants
yekudbdj.PngBenefits of Joining the NAVBA

One of the main benefits of joining the NAVBA is your exposure to bankruptcy attorneys seeking to hire VBAs to prepare their Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions.  As a member, you are listed in the National Find-a-VBA Online Directory at no additional charge.  Click here to check out the directory for yourself and contact some of the members directly before deciding to join.

Another benefit of joining the NAVBA is that you will discover it is an organization that works hard for its members and helps them to find attorney clients based upon their satisfactory completion of the VBA Certification Exam.  All VBAs who pass the Exam are granted a free Three month membership in the NAVBA so they can be provided with ongoing training and support.  Click here for VBA Certification Exam.

The NAVBA is not simply an organization that collects dues and maintains member records.  Instead, we take an active role in the building of virtual bankruptcy assistant companies across the United States.  We are honored to have members who not only ahere to high ethics and morals in their business operations but also they enjoy working together to help each other expand and grow.

Although the NAVBA is consistently growing and expanding, below is a list of SOME of the benefits that NAVBA members currently enjoy:

17.png10% Discount on Training Products and Services.  All members enjoy a 10% discount on all training products and services they purchase as long as they maintain a valid membership. The discounts total much more than the membership cost alone.  The average member saves $287.00 per year and even more if they purchase more than one training product or service.

Free Member Directory Listing. Attorneys visit the NAVBA seeking virtual bankruptcy assistants in their area. As a member of the NAVBA, you receive a FREE listing in the directory. This benefit is available to members only and cannot be purchased separately.

Access to Previous Teleconferences.  Due to the massive size of the 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 teleconferences we no longer provide them online for immediate download. Instead, we now provide the entire collection of teleconferences on one DVD. Due to the overhead costs involved, we do need to charge a minimum fee to members. The price is therefore sold at a reduced fee of only $20.00 plus shipping. This is an 80% savings that only members of the NAVBA can purchase.

18.pngOngoing Training and Bankruptcy Petition Support.  Working on a bankruptcy petition and need some help?  No problem.  As a member of the NAVBA you are eligible to receive two (2) free technical support calls per month.

Free Marketing Ebook.  In order to help virtual bankruptcy assistants market their business to bankruptcy attorneys, members receive a free ebook they can freely distribute to attorneys.  This ebook explains to the attorney the benefits of utilizing a virtual bankruptcy assistant which normally brings faster results.

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